Karl is available on a freelance basis to support your project bringing with him a toolbox of skills including directing, producing, technical and stage management. Karl is equally at home in small studio spaces, mid-large scale theatres or site specific.

Technical Services

Karl provides services as an experienced Stage Manager and general Theatre technician. He can often be found lurking (and sometimes working) in such places as the Edinburgh Fringe as a lighting and sound operator. For other parts of the year Karl does various freelance engagements across the country. Karl is actively looking for work for the Pantomime season so if you are looking for someone to work on your show then please do get in touch.


Services include but are by no means limited to.

  • Technical Operation of shows.

  • Stage Management duties.

  • Fit up work

  • Rigging

  • Lighting Design and rigging

  • Sound Design

Equipment Hire/Sale


Karl has a small collection of equipmentand scenry items which can be hired for a very reasonable fee. Not a lot of people know that. But you do now.


Items include:


  • Lightweight Standard 8'x4' flats

  • Half Metre Cube boxes. A stock item for many productions.

  • Minor items of Sound and music equipment.

Karl can also be contracted to build any large items of set you require for your production including flats, door frames, periactoids


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