If there is any information I have not included elsewhere on the site you may just find it in my FAQ section below. If even that fails then just get in touch and ask via e-mail or telephone via the contacts section.

Where am I based?


I live in Lancashire near the town of Clitheroe. I won't give my full address on here as I can't have screaming fans camping outside my house, can I?.. Can I..?

What are my rates?


Ideally I want to be working for industry rates set by the ITC/Equity however I am aware we are not living in a perfect world and some companies are still working their way towards being able to afford that level of pay and so will definitely consider pay below providing a reasonable case is made. I would find it difficult to do any more profit share although it's worth making the offer. I cannot do any totally unpaid work as I simply cannot afford it.

How far afield do I go?


I'll take work anywhere in the UK if the work is good. I've got a car and it should get me to wherever I need to be.

What vehicles can I drive?


Many tours require people to drive their vans. I am licensed and experienced in driving sprinter vans. I'm over 25 and I have no points on my license because I've never been caught. Seriously I am quite a sensible driver.